Mechs and Monsters: A Holiday Message

Whoever you are and wherever you are; whether you’re working, relaxing, at church, with family, with friends, or rocking it out by your bad self, whatever this day means to you, even if that’s nothing at all; I hope you have at least one moment of contentment, one moment where you can think, “Right here, right fucking now, this is a pretty good place to be.”

I’ll raise a glass to all of you today. Cheers.

Photo on 12-25-2013 at 1.33 PM #4

Merry Jaeger-mas!


2 thoughts on “Mechs and Monsters: A Holiday Message

  1. I had several of those moments. I won’t share when I had them because this isn’t that sort of blog.

    Cheers to you as well, doll, from the other side of the world ❤

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