On Perfect Days

Rosa Perfect Moment 3

Some days just bloom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was talking with a friend the other day and she expressed concern over my latest novel project, the Rewrite of All Things on the zero draft manuscript of The Patchwork King. Apparently posts like this one and this one, and maybe this one as well, had made her think that it wasn’t going well. And, reading back on those posts, I can see why.

But it’s not true. Actually, aside from the major hiccups that accompany any story wrangling exercise, it’s going pretty fucking well, because even after a day of fighting with it, I’m still in love with the story itself. Even when it’s being a bastard. A good sign that both it and I have the bones for the long haul war that our relationship will no doubt be.

There are lots of posts out there about the slog. I should know, I wrote a bunch of them. And I will continue to do some more. Probably because I feel like that’s what people need the most. They—you—come to the internet when other answers have failed. When you’re not finding the inspiration or the knowledge or the stones to sit down and do what you know needs to be done. What you want to do, in your heart, but know may be too difficult for you.  That’s when you come to me, and I’m glad for it. Because no matter how far down in the shit you think you are, if you’ve got a will to go on, then I’ve got a way for you to get there.

Still, it’s worth remembering that, for all the shitty days and the empty nights and the times that it seems like all we’re managing to do is crap out another pile of bloated excrement with which to fill our hard drives, in the middle of all that…there are still perfect days. Days when the words come and the plot falls into place and the characters we made like the dime store gods we are walk the walk and talk the talk. Days when it just comes. Like we feel it was meant to.

And if we don’t write as much about those days as we do about the shitty ones, I like to think it’s because we’re too busy enjoying them. Still, it’s something worth hanging on to when the clouds roll in to our little universes. And maybe something worth sharing with people who are out there going through the same shit that we find ourselves wading through on other days.


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