Monday Challenge: Grammar Herpes

Sexually transmitted disease

Try explaining to your mom how you were exposed to Freytag’s Triangle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Note: postings this week will still be happening, but they will likely be shorter than usual and might go up a little later. I’m visiting my family as well as having the Magic Eyeball Surgery. If you’ve seen something on the news about some woman shooting laser beams from her eyes up in the North-Eastern section of the continent, don’t be alarmed. Everything will be fine. Sort of. Once they clean up the rubble, definitely.)

I dispense an assload of advice on this blog. Mostly writing-related, but sometimes just about life in general. Part of this is because, well, I just like telling people what to do. It’s one of my things. At heart, I’m a bossy know-it-all. Like Hermione, if she swore a lot and drank whiskey and had six tattoos.*

Some of what I say, of course, is stuff I’ve had told to me over the years. I attribute it when possible, but sometimes the origins have been lost in the mists of time, and best I can do is say, “I heard this from some guy once.” And I have no doubt that someone, somewhere, is vaguely remembering something I said or wrote or depicted in sugar packets on a cafeteria table and passing that little nugget of sweary goodness on with the words, “I think I read this somewhere once.”

This is how it works, really: we pass advice around like a particularly virulent sexually transmitted disease. Grammar Herpes, maybe.

And now it’s your turn.

Today’s Monday Challenge: what one piece of writing advice would you give someone else? One thing you think is useful, or that you’ve learned, or that you think makes it easier. Or harder, if you’re the type that wants to destroy your competition as quickly as possible. Tell me your wisdom, or what could pass for it if written in a fancy font superimposed on a picture of a sunset.

*In other words, if she was awesome.


3 thoughts on “Monday Challenge: Grammar Herpes

  1. Best advice I got for writing applies beautifully to life as well – “Care deeply. Then let it go.” Can’t remember now what fucker told me that. . . .

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