Monday Challenge: Half Empty, Half Full


Time is a Tickin'

Tick tock, motherfucker. (Photo credit: im elsewhere)

This year is now half over.

…I will pause to allow those of you who are screaming to stop.

Good now? All right.

I do not bring up the inevitable forward motion of time to make you panic. Though I know that some of you are doing just that. The year’s half gone, I hear you moan, and I haven’t gotten any of the shit done that I wanted to. Where’s that damn New Year’s Resolution List? Is there anything I can knock off today? What have I done with my time? Where did it go?

Ain’t that always the question.

No, I mention this today to motivate, not to paralyze. To light a fire under your ass. Because, yes, the damn year is half gone. Yes, those six months are not coming back. And there’s probably shit that you meant to do that you haven’t gotten around to yet, and it is oh so fucking tempting to just let it slide, let it go, drop it into the abyss of Could Have Been.

But you’re not a quitter, are you?

The year is half gone, but that just means there’s six whole months left. Six months to start that project you’ve had in the back of your mind for ages. Six months to really get to work on editing that noel. Six months to start seriously submitting your work for publication. Hell, six months is an eternity. You could gestate two-thirds of a baby in that time. You could age a cheese. You could build a house. You could fake your own death, get extensive plastic surgery, and reemerge in your new life as Candi, the androgynous paralegal who also fights crime.

Six months is a lifetime.

With that in mind, ladies and lads and not-applicables, here is your Monday Challenge for this fine Canada Day:

There is a writing project you have been putting off. You know what it is. Today, do that.


It doesn’t have to be all of it, or even most of it. Just do something. Make a start. Build a foundation to come back to tomorrow. And look ahead to the next six months, and think about how much you can get done.



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