Monday Challenge: Noun Roulette

English: A jar of coffee-covered chocolate beans

Chocolate-covered coffee beans might as well be called inspiration pills. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy April Fool’s Day, lovelies. This is a special day in my family: it’s the anniversary of the day my parents got engaged. The date probably tells you everything you need to know about my family, but, hey, it seems to have worked out well.

I know you’re all recovering from the weekend sugar coma, but Monday is upon us and she will not wait for you to shake off the chocolate sweats. But I have a nice game for us to play for this week’s challenge. I call it Noun Roulette.

How we play is simple. Go here, to this random noun generator. Set it to something between five and ten—player’s choice. Then hit the Generate button.

Now write me a very short—100 words or less—piece of a story using all of those nouns. Make it fun.

My words? Cuban, grain, quiver, rabbi, and test. So here’s my story:

Setting her quiver down on the next stool, carefully so the arrows didn’t spill on the floor, Amy resisted the urge to adjust her fake Rabbi beard again and ordered a Cuban on whole grain. “Quickly, please,” she added, dropping her voice to sound more masculine. The blonde woman behind the counter gave her a look, but didn’t comment. “I’ve got a urine test in ten minutes.”

67 words. Your turn. If you need inspiration, go eat some chocolate.


4 thoughts on “Monday Challenge: Noun Roulette

  1. My words: Congo, Correspondent, Forgery, Hub, Opinion, Sail

    Jerry huddled at the hub of his mosquito netting tent, wondering once more how tracking down a story about pharmaceuticals forgery had led him to the Congo. His mysterious email correspondent had promised a major scoop, sure. Jerry’s opinion? Any minute now, the shit was going to sail directly into the fan.

    The mosquitos, with their deadly payload, were coming.

    (60 words)

  2. Words: dog, show, board, space, input

    I had them all in one sentence but then I realized they all had to be used as NOUNS and not adjectives or verbs or whatever. So I ended up with 65 words instead of like 20.

    Laika the dog wanted a treat. She pressed the correct buttons on the panel, adding a little a flourish, like she was putting on a show for the scientists down in the control center. Unfortunately, the capsule’s designers did not ask any electricians for their input when they wired the instrument board, so instead of dispensing kibble, the system ejected Laika into space. THE END.

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