Monday Challenge: One More Year

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...

Happy birthday, blog. I’ll eat the cake for you. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WordPress informed me over the weekend that this week marks the one year anniversary of Bare Knuckle Writer. That is…hard to believe. Seems like a long time, especially on the Internet, where time goes faster. Hell, if I’d committed blasphemy in some countries, I’d go to jail for that long. And that would be before they saw what I’ve written here. This post alone would probably cost me all the rest of this life, and most of the next.

I started this blog in March because I like March. It’s a cleaning month. Good for starting new things, too, what with all those snow-scouring storms that come blasting out of the sky the the wrath of a vengeful weather spirit. Storms make me feel energized. Also, being stuck in the house encourages me to do new things to keep the crazy at bay.

It’s been fun, though, and I hope it will continue to be so. And thanks to all of you for reading my swear-filled rants and making me feel less like a howler monkey, screaming into the jungle and throwing feces everywhere. I definitely feel like a higher class of primate thanks to your commentary and arguing.

Looking back on the last year, I’m both pleased with what I’ve done—actually keeping a three-a-week posting schedule, what the unholy fuck—and displeased with some of what I haven’t.* But that’s the point of looking back: to see where you’ve been, and plan where you’re going.

So, this week’s Monday Challenge is a little different. I want you to look back at your own past year in writing. Figure out what you were happy with and what you think needs to change. Figure out where to go from here. New genre? New format? New writing schedules? Or is what you’re doing working so well that there’s no room for improvement? Even if it is, it never hurts to take stock. So turn over a few stones in your brain and be honest: what do you want from the next year of writing?

Now write that down, and keep it somewhere in sight. I keep a list of my stuff on a whiteboard near my desk, right in plain view. Never out of sight, never out of mind. I reminds me of deadlines and promises and ideas and all those things that need at least a modicum of effort to be real. It keeps me honest and on track.

So, riddle me this, readers: what will the next year be for you?

*Nearly enough proof-reading, for example. The spelling errors kill me.


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