Four More Reasons Today Is A Good Day To Write



Show me your war face.

1. You’re sick. I feel you. Hard to get up to motivation when it feels like your own body is a battleground between the White Blood Cell Army and the Invading Green Goblin Hordes. No sleep, no energy, no anything.
There is nothing I hate more than being sick. I’d rather be injured, because at least then I usually did it to myself and learned something from it.* Being sick is like having time stolen from me. If I could find the thief, I would cheerfully crush their skull beneath my boot. If I had the fucking energy.
But as long as you’re stuck sitting around anyway, you might as well do something more productive that build used-tissue temples to the God of Daytime Television. Fuck, you might even have a day off work for this. Use it.
And, as an added bonus, nothing makes me feel better when I’m sick that ruining a fictional character’s life. Channel the hate, lads and ladies. Get something useful out of it.

2. You’re tired. Aren’t we all. Two pieces of advice: One, take care of your body by feeding, resting, and exercising it properly instead of acting like a coke-addled eighties club rat. And, two, suck it up, you mewling twit. The world does not wait for you. You’re tired? Fine. Be tired. Get shit done anyway. Or own up to your excuse and stop pretending it’s anything else.

3. You’re having a bad day. Trust me when I say I speak from experience on this: the worst thing you can do for a bad day is nothing. Indulging in bad habits and laziness is easiest when we’re at our lowest, but it only makes things worse. So make the effort. Drag yourself to that keyboard and do something. Even if you just write out why you’re having such a shitty fucking day. Or, an exercise I find myself using, write about one good thing about that day. Just one. It can be that you managed to put your panties on the right way around on the first try.** Anything to get you going.

4. You’re uninspired. In a magnificent, chaotic mess of a world like this? You’re not trying.

*Even if it’s only “pay attention to the sidewalk when you run”.
**Sidebar: not something I managed to do today. Harder than it looks.

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