The Necessity of Kicking Your Ass


English: Engineer work boot

This will be planted firmly up your ass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got some….ah….interesting e-mails after Wednesday’s post. Mostly positive, but it’s not the nature of humanity to focus on the positive, is it? Though in this case, I will at least say that the negative was more entertaining.

There were some complaints about my method of motivating people.* One person thought that Wednesday’s post was particularly harsh and unpleasant. The word ‘mean’ was used. So I’ll take a moment now to explain why I do things this way.

Is it because I am an unpleasant person? No. Well, sometimes. Depends on the day.

Is it because I enjoy yelling at people? I actually don’t. It gives me a headache. I am not R. Lee Ermey’s character from Full Metal Jacket.

Is it because of some deep-seated childhood problem, as one person was kind enough to offer?** No, my parents are wonderful people. They should not be blamed for me.

It is because, if I don’t, who will?

The world is full of well-meaning advice—and people—that will hold your hand, tell you not to cry, encourage you to shun the difficult things. And then there are the doubters, the nay-sayers, the whiners, the I-could-do-that-if-I-really-wanted-to-ers, the general time wasting vampires of existence. They are fucking everywhere.

This blog is not the place for that shit. No, I encourage you to gut out the difficult things. Grind it out, get through it. Cry if you have to, because there’s no shame in it. But then pick yourself up and move on. And while you’re at it, write down exactly how you felt while you were crying, because that’s the kind of research that’s hard to do.

I will kick your ass every time you come here. Because the excuses are so easy to reach for, whereas motivation often requires a hunt. So I make the motivation that much easier to find.

And by kicking your ass, I’m kicking my own. It’s a hell of a lot harder to take a day and watch an entire season of Adventure Time instead of writing when I just put up a piece about not giving up.

So, come on. Holster up your battle ovaries, put on your stomping boots, check your gut, and let’s go. It might not always be an easy trip, but we’ll get there.


And I won’t hold your hand, but I will show you how to give the doubters the middle finger.

*And apparently some of you don’t believe that I can smell lies. I can. They smell like those piles of rotting debris you find near the ocean: one whiff and you just know there’s something fishy in there.

**Thanks for that, by the way. Offering unsolicited psychiatric advice to strangers on the internet totally makes you seem like a well-adjusted human being.



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