Monday Challenge: I Got Skillz

Samus Aran

I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want that armour? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am going to do something I haven’t done for over six years: I’m going to school.

That’s right, back in class. It’s only a sixteen hour course, but it’ll be interesting. I’m studying to get my firearms licence. I tried target shooting for the first time ever back in January and found that I quite enjoyed it. Also, with the running, boxing, and fencing, I figure I’ll be four skills up in the event of a Red Dawn-esque take over.

Not that I only do things that make me sound like I want to be Samus Aran*. I also knit socks, bake brownies and bread, draw, paint, read, and play board games. It’s an odd mix with all that other stuff I just mentioned, but that’s kind of the point. And, you know, maybe I could knit myself a rifle cozy.

Anyway, while I’m sitting at the community college tonight, taking notes on the difference between flintlock and matchlock firing mechanisms**, I’d like to think that some of you are out there writing. Don’t disappoint me, children.

So, today’s Monday Challenge: write about a skill someone has that does not, at first glance, fit.

I want the soccer moms who know ninjitsu, the barroom bouncers who knit, the assassins who draw webcomics. And then, once you’ve got your pairing, make up a reason for it. Because people are not simple, and characters shouldn’t be, either. They have hobbies and interests and things they were forced to learn as a child that they still keep doing. Write about them learning their first purl stitch, or picking up their first ninja star. Are they embarrassed by this skill? Do they hide it? Or do they keep a sketchbook with drawings of all the people they’ve killed?

Go forth and write, writers. I’m going to study ammunition diagrams.

*Though I do. I mean, who doesn’t?

**And trying to remember how to take notes. I have a personal shorthand that I use which is pretty much indecipherable to anyone else. Also, I draw pictures in the margins. A lot.


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