Monday Challenge: Find the Murder Weapon

Designer vibrators in an erotic shop for women...

Colourful and deadly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey there. You may notice later posts for the next month or so. They’ll still be going up Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but they may shift to later in the day. My mornings are now devoted to novel-writing, which understandably eats uyup a certain amount of my time.*

But now to business! It’s another fine Monday, at least in this part of the world, where we define a fine day in November as any one which does not have frozen precipitation barreling from the sky.** And it looks like a great day to write out there.

So once again I bring you the Monday Challenge. Those of you doing NaNoWriMo, feel free to work it into your story somewhere. Those of you who aren’t, have a go anyway. It won’t hurt you. I promise.

This week’s challenge: write a scene in which one of the following items is not only significant but horrifying:

1. A pair of glasses with one lens broken.
2. An blank page in the middle of a book.
3. A purple silicon vibrator, preferably one of those ones with the little rabbit on top.
4. A bottle half-full of a clear liquid.
5. A crocheted table doily.

Got that? Pick your favourite (or least favourite, as the case may be) and have at it. Bonus internet points for anyone who can use more than one in the same scene. Triple bonus points if one of the items is used as a murder weapon.

And now I head back to the word mines. See you down there.

*i.e., all of it.
**Life: it’s easier if you lower your standards.


2 thoughts on “Monday Challenge: Find the Murder Weapon

  1. Hey Steph,

    Love your challenges. Question: do you know if their website posts challenges also or is that done mostly on a regional basis? I can’t find it in their forums but I could swear they did it last year.

    • Glad you like the challenges. If you’re looking for ones on the NaNo forums, they seem to be mostly on the main boards under “Adoption Society” (for abandoned plots, characters and lines) or “Word Wars, Prompts, and Sprints” (more challenges and competition). There might be some in your region as well, but I suspect that will depend on your region. Mine, for example, is pretty small (population-wise), so we mostly use our forum for news and things.

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