Five Reasons Today Is A Good Day To Write

English: Pleiades Star Cluster

Look at them getting it done. Smug bastards.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1) The World Spins On. Contrary to many, many, many predictions to the contrary, the world has not yet ended. At least not by the time of this writing. The earth continues to spin, and so do the stars and the atoms. They’re clearly doing their job. What’s your excuse?

2) You Will Never Be Here Again. The words you might write today will never come again. Not those exact words, in that exact way. This is your only chance to catch them, now, before they disappear forever. They might be great. They might suck, too, but at least if you write them, you’ll know. And would you want to miss out on the chance of doing something amazing?

3) Give Birth To An Idea. Enjoy the power that comes with the pure act of creation. It’s all the creative potential of having a kid without the mess. And if you change your mind about an idea, you can just change it later. Or delete it. They frown on doing that with kids. Or so I hear.

4) Bragging Rights. It’s Friday. That means the weekend’s coming. When you’re out hanging out with friends this weekend and someone asks what you’ve been doing lately, don’t you want to be able to say, “Oh, not much. I just started a new novel/short story/screen play/poem.”? And then put on your sunglasses even though you’re indoors. Bad ass.

5) Knock One Off The Regret List. We arrive here with a return ticket already bought. We just don’t know when we’re going to catch that train. People regret a lot of shit when they die. Will you regret never having made time for something that mattered to you? Will you regret dying with stories untold? It’s a great day to go and fucking do something about it. It’s within your grasp. So get up off the mat like Buster Douglas coming for Mike Tyson and knock that shit out.


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