Just One Line

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Warning: your children may vibrate in place. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi. My name is Steph, and I have a problem.*

I thought I had it under control, but the last week has been…illuminating. We had house guests, friends we haven’t seen in a while. And it was great. I love seeing old friends, especially when they can get their geek on with us. We saw The Sight**. We had epic food. We saw the Avengers (again, in my case). We went on a road trip to see other friends, and met some new people. We learned the NATO phonetic alphabet (don’t ask). And we had many laughs, most of which would be too hard to explain here. Not that I’d try.

But through all the fun and the good times and the catching up… I couldn’t stop thinking about writing.

At first it was innocuous enough. It can wait, I thought. Right now I’m being a Normal Human Being. A break will be good for me. You can do this.

And I was good. For a while. I had my blog posts roughed in ahead of time, so all I had to do was make them live, which took hardly any effort. I thought of edits, and just filed them away for later. I had scene ideas, and kept them in my head. I only stared off into space for ten, fifteen minutes tops.

But then I got a really good idea. Okay, just write that one down, I told myself. Just that one, and just the idea. It’s not like actual writing. They won’t even notice. It’ll be fine.

But then there was another idea, and another. And next thing I knew, I was up at two am, writing dialogue on my iPhone in the bathroom, hoping no one would see the light. If anyone had opened the door, I would have hid in the tub, screaming, “Don’t look at me! I finally thought of the perfect line! I just needed one line, man. Just one to get me through!”

I think I succeeded in hiding my problem from the others. Sure, they probably suspected when they had to poke me to get my attention, or when I was scribbling furtively in my Emergency Notebook. But this isn’t about them; this is about me, and my problem.

I need to do some real thinking about this. And I will, I swear.

But first…first there’s a scene. It’s waited long enough, and I’ve got the itch, man, that feeling that I just have to get something down on paper. But it’ll just be the one scene. Just one.

…Don’t judge me.

*This should really be plural.
**This should not be plural. This town only has one.


4 thoughts on “Just One Line

  1. If it’s any consolation, you DID hide it well. I hardly noticed the ‘there’s a story idea hanging right there in the middle distance’ look in your eyes at all this weekend.

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