On The Road

All right, so I’m on vacation at the moment, visiting some friends in the Middle Of Nowhere. Considering I’ll be driving most of the day, opportunities to write a post will be limited. Also, there will be beer. (Not at the same time as the driving. That comes later. I’m on vacation, I’m not stupid.)

It is giving me an opportunity to test the mobile WordPress app, though. Blame any typos on finger typing. And, no, I don’t mean ‘York’ when I type ‘to’. There may be some bugs interesting features to this post.

But do not fret, dear reader. I have not forgotten you. I thought this would be an excellent time to point you towards one of my favourite writing blogs: Terrible Minds by Chuck Wendig. There’s lots of advice in there, couched in an excellent, profanity-ridden style. Go and enjoy. I particularly recommend Twenty Five Reasons You Should Quit Writing. It could save your life. Or at least a lot of time and effort.

Also, once you read his stuff, my writing advice won’t seem nearly as harsh. Just sayin’.

See you Monday.


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