Beer and Zombies

BBQ - Self Designed.

Here is where we offer sacrifices to the Zombie Queen. (photo credit: wikipedia)

Hey there. It’s a beautiful day here in Bare Knuckle Writer Land, with sunshine and birds and some of those big flying ant things, what are they called, they look like tiny death machines on wings…Whatever. Anyway, my point was that it is Victoria Day, also known as May Two-Four, here in Canada. It is a day we set aside every year to celebrate the return of Queen Victoria from the dead. She stalks the land in search of beer, BBQ, and brains.* We honour her by having lots of the first two, but keep her from devouring us by killing the last with booze and burned meat.

So, in honour of the Zombie Queen, take a break. Go out and have a beer. That’s what I’ll be doing.

Otherwise, you may hear her voice in the night, as her skeletal fingers creep over your skull: “Just lie back, and think of England.”

*I may not have paid enough attention in history.


5 thoughts on “Beer and Zombies

  1. ❤ love it! From now on, I'm referring to today as Zombie Queen day. Now to go and enjoy the sunny day! Hope you and the Hubby are enjoying this!

  2. Hey I like this idea! I’m not Canadian, but Victoria was English so I guess I can drink beer for her… it doesn’t take much to persuade me to drink beer!

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