Let The Cannibalism Begin

This is why I love the internet: I now know that, if you cannibalize a person with an illness, you won’t necessarily get sick. Depending on the illness, of course. Which makes sense now that I consider it. But that’s the point: I never had, previous to reading that article, considered it.

Five minutes ago, I did not know that I needed to know this. But now I do. And I feel like my life will be better for it. Especially if the Mayans were right and something is about to go down this year. Though, if the Mayans had those powers of prediction, you’d think they would have seen the Spanish coming.

I didn’t even have to go looking for that piece of information; it came to me all on its own via Twitter, like a stray dog wandering in out of the cold. Oh hi, it said, spotting the light on in my brain, do you mind if I come in? And the other unusual pieces of information in my head welcomed it, because they’re cannibals themselves. The random disturbing facts I accumulate in there tend to feast on each other, changing and mutating like viruses at the CDC. And sooner or later the survivors get together and birth their own litter of monsters: some malformed, some stillborn, and some ready to claw their way out of my head.

And that is where ideas come from.


6 thoughts on “Let The Cannibalism Begin

  1. Heh, cute post. By the way, a short aside: I’d consider changing your WordPress settings such that links open in a new tab. At the moment clicking on a link (like to the cannibalism article) leaves your blog and takes me to a new page. I’m personally a fan of links opening in a new tab but maybe that’s just my preference?

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